In a digital world of music, the experience is getting more and more intangible. The goal of this project is to create new opportunities of handling music for a traditional brand like B&O that defines itself in large part by its hardware.


While anylising the core of the brand and its product range, I got a clue about their current portfolio. But for a new concept, it was necessary to take a closer look at their customers. What do they like and what bothers them? What role plays the brand for their lifestyle?
For a compelling story of the concept, I decided on one out of three personas, and took Jürgen as a starting point for a new design for B&O.



The main goal of the design is to make music more tangible. In consideration of the chosen persona, the idea is to have the music collection visible in form of electronic cards (10×10mm). The music can be downloaded directly at the device. The token you get works as the inteface in order to reduce buttons and enhance the experience.


The device in stand-by mode is hanging on a wall. As soon as the token gets close to the device, it tilts up and displays the number of tracks.


Just place the token on the track you want to start with; in this case it is track number one. It also appears a thin white line that represents the volume.
The token card moves along the device while it is playing. It stops when it reaches the end.


To change the volume, just touch the surface somewhere along the line. The area under the line fills with white.
Move your finger up or down to increase or decrease the volume.