Building Juni's awesome product and design team

Building Juni's awesome product and design team

Klarna decided to build a consumer banking after its success in European market with its buy now and pay later solutions. I was hired as a founding designer and leader to the new product organization. We had the unique opportunity to build a consumer banking from scratch, as well as building the entire organization along with product and engineering leaders to 200+ in 2 years.

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Transforming the vision prototype into a Beta product

Setting up the design team environment adn discipline in the company

Setting up UX Research function

Hire, manage and develop for Product Teams

Build a Design System

Coming out of Beta

Overseeing the design of x new products on the platform (incl mobile)

Maintaining an always up to date Vision of what the product can be

My 5 key takeaways on the journey

From vision prototype to beta product launch

First 6 months - working as an Individual contributor (IC) and one junior designer


We had a vision and a prototype why people signed up. But we needed to spread out the work and prioritise what was needed first.

We also did marketing material for ads, email signatures and everything that needed some more attention to visual detials.


Initially me and the other Designer had calls with everyone on the waiting list to see what they biggest pain points are are understand better why they signed up an what their expectations were. This helped us better prioritize the nice to have features among the must haves that were so clear and fundamental to be build.

Outcome / Impact

One of the first things we build was a transactions page and the onboarding flow to be able to bring customers on board easily. We also defined what the first value there should be for customers once onboarded, which was virtual cards. Card exchange was one of the first revenue streams and it was clear that we should make it easy for customers to sign up and access cards.

Connect to Content

Add layers or components to swipe between.

Connect to Content

Add layers or components to infinitely loop on your page.


Connect to Content

Add layers or components to make infinite auto-playing slideshows.

Onboarding flow

Access card details, instantly upload receipts, check balances and more with the Juni mobile app.